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April 2013
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adropout [userpic]

Keaton is nine months old now. I can't believe how fast it has gone by. He says four words now. Mom, Dad (or da da) Hi and Bye. I love when he wakes up in the morning and his hair is sticking straight up and he gives me a hug and a smile. He loves his stuffed sock monkey but I think he loves to crawl over to my book shelve and pull all my paperback books down even more. I am starting to think about making plans for his first birthday. I am looking for a nice park or something along those lines for his party.

I found out in February that I am pregnant again. I was feeling prettty yucky and I was late. When I started feeling sick caused by certain smells, I decided a trip to CVS was in order. Troy and I stopped there to buy a pregnancy test before work. I wasn't completely convinced I was pregnant. I took a test a few weeks before and it was negative. I took the test after I ate lunch. Okay, so taking a pregnancy test at work was not the best idea, but it was postive, obviously. I got emotional but I had to pull it together and finish my shift. I called Troy as soon as I could. He was happy. I called my mom too, she was very predictably happy and emotional. I went to my doctor the next day and got a test done there. Then I got busy finding an OBGYN. I am now eighteen weeks pregnant. So, almost halfway through. It wasn't exactly what I had planned to get pregnant four months after having my son. But it happened and I feel lucky that I get to have another baby.