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adropout [userpic]


Name:: Meghan
Age:: 26
Birthdate:: December 1
Location:: Ohio
Hair color:: Brown
Eye color:: Green
Height:: 5'0
Glasses/Contacts:: Nope
Braces:: No.
Shoe size:: 2 1/2

Time:: 10:54pm
What are you listening/watching:: South Park
What are you wearing:: Green cargo pants and a gray tee-shirt
What were you doing before you took this survey:: Checking email.
What was the last thing you ate:: Chipotle
Last thing you drank:: Diet Dr. Thunder
Where are you:: My couch.
Are you talking onthe phone or chatting with anyone:: Nope.

Got to work:: Yes
What are you doing:: Housework, reading, working..
Any big plans::: Nope, just work.
Whats for dinner:: Tomorrow? I have no idea.
Going anywhere special:: Nope.

Are you taken:: Yep, married.
Whats his/her name:: Troy
How old is him/her:: 26
How you meet:: Study Hall
Where did you go on your first date:: To a movie.
When was your first kiss:: 2002
Do you have a song:: The Reason
Have a special place you like to go:: Ha.
How long you been together:: 9 years, off and on.
When is your anniversary:: December 8
Whats the best gift you recived from them:: Umm..he bought me a bunch of books for my b-day one year. ;)
Favorite memory:: The time we went to see Grindhouse at midnight. We had fun.
Hardest time:: 2009
Have you ever lived together:: Yes, that's what happens when you get married.

Mcdonalds/Burger King:: Mcdonalds
Subway/Quiznos:: Subway
Coke/Pepsi:: Pepsi
Blk&White/Color:: Color
Night/Day:: Both
Summer/Winter:: Summer 
Coffee/Tea:: Coffee
Group Dates/Single:: Either would be a problem.
Rain/Snow:: Rain
Ocean/Lake:: Ocean
Chocolate/Vanilla:: Chocolate

Flower:: Rose.
Color:: Blue
Number:: 8
Animal:: Manatee
Store:: Bed, Bath and Beyond
Song:: Hey Jude
Band/Artist:: REM, Nirvana, Hole, Keith Urban
Movie:: Drowning Mona, Beetlejuice
Food:: Steak
Drink Non-Alcoholic:: Pink Lemonade
Alcohol:: Gin
Place to hangout:: Library (I'm a huge dork)
Mall:: Tuttle
Sport:: eww
Clothing brand:: Wal Mart
Shoe brand:: Wal Mart
Shoplifted:: No
Been arrested:: No
Done drugs:: No
Got drunk:: Yes
Had surgery:: Yes 
Bungee Jumped:: No
Road in a helicopper:: No 
Been out of state:: Yes
Out of the country:: No
Skinny dipped:: No

AE:: No
Hollister:: No 
Old Navy:: Yes
Gap:: No
Macys:: No
Banana Republic:: No 
Aero:: No
Victorias Secret:: No
AB:: No 
K-mart:: Yes
Wal-mart:: Yes
Target:: Yes
Penny's:: Yes
PacSun:: No

House/Apartment:: Yes
Expensive Jewerly:: Sorta..
Lap Top:: Yes
Digital Camera:: I accidently stepped on it.  :(
Video Camera:: No
Mp3 Player:: IPod
Cell Phone:: Yes
Get married:: I have.
Have children:: Hope so.
Be on the PTA:: Maybe
Sky Dive:: No
Drive fast:: Yes
Go in a hot air ballon:: No.
Are you fun to be around:: I wouldn't know.
Know how to have a goodtime:: Sure.
Are you a party pooper:: No
Do you even like parties:: Not really.
Can you cook:: I get by.
Like dance clubs:: No
Are you a virgin:: No.
You ever do anything illegal:: No
Where do you work:: FSL
Go to school:: No
Are you spontaneous:: Yes
Final Question, are you happy:: Depends on when you ask.