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April 2013
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adropout [userpic]
I am still alive.

Lets see, updates....

I came home one day this week and turned on our Vizio flatscreen TV and OMG, there was no picture. I could hear Detective Bensen talking but I couldn't see anything. The worst part was, I was really looking forward to watching "Celebrity Apprentice" that was saved on my DVR.
Troy tried and tried to fix the TV but it just wasn't happening. I logged onto my lap top and watched Latoya Jackson get the axe on Hulu.com.

The next day, I was sleeping when Troy came in the bedroom and picked up our extra TV and put it in the living room. I gave him that little sideways smile that means I love him because I knew he did it for me, due to the fact that he rarely watches TV downstairs. So, now we're using the 27 inch TV in the living room. It looks kind of weird but at least I have my precious DVR.

I called around about the TV. Vizio said it would cost $320 for them to come out and fix it. I also called the "TV Guy" and he said it would be about $200. Troy thinks he may be able to do it himself. We'll see.

In other news,

I've been working A  LOT of hours lately. Which I guess is good news, due to the fact that I now have to pay for this TV.

Jordan got four pet gold fish about a week ago. Apparently, he got a little ahead of himself and fed the fish way too much. So, they lost their lives today. And poor Jordie was crying his eyes out. My mom is going to buy him more fish on Tuesday. He wants to buy an extra one so he can name it Aggot.

Kylie had her first after school detention. I don't know much about it, except that it involved a misunderstanding over a ruler.

I went to see "Scream 4" a couple weeks ago. To be honest, I'm a little disappointed. I was expecting better. Not crazy about the ending either.


:( Poor tv.

Awwww. :( :( Poor goldfish.

Misunderstanding over a ruler? Lol what.

Write more often, Aggot. I like hearing about your crazy shenanigans. ;)

Goldfish and TVs are dropping left and right around here.

Apparently, Kylie found a ruler at school. Another little girl said it was her's and when the teacher asked Kylie about it, for some reason she said it was her ruler. Well, anyway Kylie started feeling guilty and told the truth. But she ended up getting a half of a detention for lying to a teacher. Which honestly, she probably should have.

I will write more often, Cuppy Cake. ;)
By the way, you said my new favorite word: Shenanigans

That must have been one awesome ruler, haha